Water Damage Photo Gallery

Identifying Wet Areas

This is a photo of a Water Damage in Lake Alfred, FL. SERVPRO uses thermal imaging to help identify possible wet areas. This is then verified with a moisture meter.   

Affected Crawlspace

This is a photo of a crawl space that was affected by water in Lake Alfred, FL. The source was a toilet supply line that sprung a leak. SERVPRO was onsite with in 90 minutes.

Water Damage

This was a water damage to a home here in central Florida. Notice the amount of water on the floor. Imagine coming home from a long day of work or waking up at 2:00 in the morning noticing this. That’s why SERVPRO is a 24-hour emergency service company.

Moisture Meter

This device being used is called a moisture meter. When showing red it is indicating that there is moisture in the material. This is done throughout the job to verify materials are drying.

Attic Water Damage

This is a photo of a water leak in an attic. As you can see the water damaged the material underneath the pipe. SERVPRO was there to help, once attic was cleaned and dried the customer was very pleased.

Thermal Imaging

This is a thermal imaging camera. This device is used throughout the duration of our jobs to show cool spots on walls, floors and different areas of a house. The blue on the image is reading cooler than the red. This means that there may be water in that area. This would be verified using a moisture meter.